Indo-Belgian Joint Networking Call 2021


Within the framework of the Agreement between Belgium and India on cooperation in the fields of science and technology and the fifth Joint Commission’ meeting on 18th January 2021, it was decided to organize a 4thcall for proposals for networking activities by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO), the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Indian Department of Biotechnology (DBT).

This Networking call co-funded by both parties aims at supporting exchanges that leverage long term research cooperation between multiple Belgian and Indian Research institutions, based on existing infrastructure, with significant impact on a priority research area. 

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To Apply

Project proposals must be jointly prepared by the Belgian and Indian Coordinators using the application forms that can be downloaded from the BELSPO and DST/ DBT websites. Each of the two coordinators will submit the application form, duly filled-in and signed, to their respective funders (BELSPO and DST/ DBT). In both countries, the forms shall be signed by the two coordinators, as well as by the legal representatives of both applying Research Institutions to which they belong. Project proposals submitted to only one of the two Parties will not be accepted.

Applications are to be submitted both to BELSPO by the Belgian coordinator via the topping-up grant submission dossier by e-mail (in Word’ andin pdf’, with signatures). Deadline for submission: 22nd September 2021 (at 3 p.m. in Belgium). Indian applicants seeking funding from DST based on the mentioned themes of DST can download the proposal formats from website https://​onlinedst​.gov​.in and should submit completed application form and all relevant information through e-PMS portal of the DST. The proposal must be submitted to DST through the e-application system provided at https://​onlinedst​.gov​.in with deadline of 17th September 2021 by 5 p.m. Additionally;

Indian Applicants are also requested to send hard copies to DST (Dr.Sibashisa Dash, Scientist C, DST) through proper channel. Indian applications seeking funding from DBT (on specific themes related to DBT) are required to submit the complete application to Dr. Abhishek Singh (Scientist C, DBT) by e-mail on abhishek.​singh02@​dbt.​nic.​inor ic-dbt2021@​dbt.​nic.​in’as well as in hard copy (in Word’ and in pdf’, with both side signatures). Deadline for submission: 17th September 2021 (by 5 pm).

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