Indo-french Collaborative Scientific Research Programme

CEFIPRA Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR)


CEFIPRA supports high quality research groups through collaborative research projects in advanced areas of basic and applied science to nurture scientific competency through Collaborative Scientific Research Programme.

The identified domains of S&T :

  • Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Computational sciences
  • Life & health sciences
  • Pure and Applied Physics
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry
  • Earth & Planetary Science
  • Materials Science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Water
Principal Collaborators and Joint Collaborators (Indian & French) should have permanent position in an Indian or French University/R&D Institution. They should meet national level eligibility criteria with respect to the operation of grants and age of retirement. ORCID/​ResearcherID is mandatory for submission of proposal under the programme.


To Apply

  • Submit a Joint Proposal to CEFIPRA specifying the role of the collaborators. The collaborators must submit a joint concept proposal along with the joint full proposal on web- online submission system of CEFIPRA (URL: www​.cefipraon​line​.in). Proposals should be original, collaborative and of high scientific quality. The proposed research must complement the strengths and expertise of the research groups. The number of participants and their research contribution should be appropriate for the aims of the Indo-French research project and must be reasonably balanced in terms of each country’s participation (on effort, contribution and budget). The proposal should mention origin of the project with details of prior interaction, preliminary results relevant to the proposal achieved by either side and added value from the collaboration.
  • At least two scientists, one each from India and France as Principal Collaborators. There cannot be a second Principal Collaborator or Joint Principal Collaborator on either side. The two Principal Collaborators, one each from India and France shall be responsible for implementing the project.
  • Joint Collaborators of the projects. Joint Collaborators, one or more, on both sides are welcome but their contributions to the project may be clearly defined. The Joint Collaborators may be from the same institutions of the respective Principal Collaborators or from other institutions
  • The investigators can be from any academic/​research institutions from India and France. Once project is recommended for support, any change of Principal Collaborator(s) or Joint Collaborator(s) or the institution(s) where the work is carried out should be done with the permission of CEFIPRA.
  • The French PI is kindly invited to get in touch with the concerned officer of his/​her institution about the project proposal that he/​she is preparing to submit to the CEFIPRA in order to facilitate the final clearance by the French Government.

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