CIFAR’s third Global Call for Ideas



CIFAR’s third Global Call for Ideas is soliciting proposals for new CIFAR programs related to The Future of Being Human. New program proposals should explore the long term intersection of humans, science and technology, social and cultural systems, and our environment. Our understanding of the world around us, and new insights into individual and societal behaviour, have the potential to provide enormous benefits to humanity and the planet.

CIFAR invites bold proposals from researchers at universities or research institutions that ask new questions about their complex emerging world. They are confronting challenging problems that require a diverse team incorporating multiple disciplines (potentially spanning the humanities, social sciences, arts, physical sciences, and
life sciences) to engage in a sustained dialogue to develop new insights, and change the conversation on important questions facing science and humanity.

CIFAR supports research in two ways: 

(1) CIFAR brings together researchers from across the world 2 – 3 times per year for face-to-face interactions and to maintain active collaboration. 

(2) CIFAR Fellows receive support on an individual basis, which is intended to enable researchers to have more time and space to work on the goals of the research program. This can be used quite flexibly – for teaching load adjustments, student stipends and postdoctoral fellow support amongst other uses – consistent with the policies of the researcher’s employer.

To Apply

Instructions for submitting a registration are available here.

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