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The Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) is a funding programme for start-ups and individuals instituted by DBT-BIRAC to support novel and innovative technologies with commercialization potential in life sciences.

The grant aims to foster generation of ideas with commercialization potential and encourage entrepreneurship among innovators and researchers. Through this scheme, a grant of up to 50 Lakhs is provided to biotech start-ups and entrepreneurial individuals for a duration of 18 months to help transform innovative ideas and technologies into commercially viable products. BIRAC invites proposals for the BIG scheme twice a year. The BIG Scheme is implemented through BIG Partners across the country.

The Center for Cellular and Molecular platforms (C‑CAMP) has partnered with BIRAC for the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) Scheme. C‑CAMP has been chosen as it has the necessary scientific infrastructure, expertise and high-end platform technology access to nurture early stage inventions through Proof of Concept stage.

Over the last few years, C‑CAMP has supported over 130 start-ups through the BIG scheme, and over 100 start-ups through its other activities, including bio-incubation, mentorship and other facilitation. C‑CAMP start-ups are currently working in the fields of healthcare and medical devices, drug discovery, molecular biology, transgenic model systems, biomaterials, bioenergy, synthetic biology, upstream & downstream processing, agricultural sciences, nutraceuticals etc.

As a BIG partner, CCAMP manages, monitors, and mentors its BIG awardees. CCAMP also plays a vital role in connecting its entrepreneurs with industry stalwarts and technical experts. 


The basic eligibility criteria is a bachelors degree in any field.

To Apply

•BIRAC will issue a national call for BIG at least 2 times each year (1st of January& July of every year). 

•The Call for Proposals is advertised in various leading Newspapers and ScientificJournals.

•The Call for Proposals is typically open for a period of one and a half month. 

•The BIG Scheme is implemented through our Partners called the BIG Partners(defined in section 14; details in Annexure A2), across the country. The Call will mention the BIG Partners for the particular call.

•The applicant needs to submit an online application for funding by registering and logging-on the BIRAC website www​.birac​.nic​.in. Please note that applications are accepted online only.

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