Biotech Product, Process Development and Commercialisation Awards

Department of Biotechnology


Due to the efforts of the Department of Biotechnology, there has been a steady increase in the research activities in the field of biotechnology and biosciences. The institutions, scientists, entrepreneurs and persons involved in the field are making valuable contributions not only in terms of good research papers, basic research but also in biotech process/​product development and commercialization of technologies and products. Biotechnology has the potential to bring about a bio-industrial revolution utilizing the precious natural resources of the country and vast pool of human resource. It is also addressing the problems of the poorest of poor. There is major attitudinal change in the industry and academia and many of the Indian companies are coming forward for the development of biotech products, packaging know-how, market survey, etc. based on indigenous research. Considering these aspects and to encourage more innovators and entrepreneurs to join this revolution, the Hon’ble Minister of S&T approved for institution of five Biotech Product & Process Development and Commercialization awards to be given on Technology Day, the 11th May, every year from 2001 onwards. 

The objective of this award is to recognise outstanding contributions of scientists / innovators / entrepreneurs/​Indian institutions & companies both in public as well as private sector for a new process, product development and commercialization of a technology or a product in the areas of biotechnology and biological sciences including agriculture, biomedical and environmental sciences. 


The applicants should be a citizen of India, and Indian institution or an Indian company and be actively involved in the development of biotechnology processes and products and commercialization of technologies or product based on indigenous research. 

To Apply

The scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, institutions and companies engaged in the areas of biotechnology and biological sciences including agriculture, biomedical and environmental sciences can be nominated by the members of Scientific Advisory Committee of the Department of Biotechnology (SAC-DBT), Standing Overseas Committee (SAC‑O) of the Department of Biotechnology, Vice-Chancellors/Directors of Universities/​Deemed Universities; Chairman, UGC; Director-Generals/Heads of agencies such as CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, DRDO, etc; Directors of National Research Institutions/​Laboratories, Presidents of scientific societies and academics of all India character; Secretaries of S&T departments/user-ministries such as DST, DSIR, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Environment & Forests, New and Renewable Energy, Atomic Energy, Space, Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, Rural Development, Health & Family Welfare, HRD, etc., Member (science) in the Planning Commission, Heads of Industry/​Biotech/​Pharmaceuticals Associations such as FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, AlBA, IDMA, etc. and reputed voluntary non-government organizations. Nominations will have to be sent in the prescribed proforma. The nominations from individuals/​institutions/​companies sponsoring their own names will not be considered. 

The selection of the applicants for the award will be made on the basis of the recommendations of Selection Committee constituted specifically for the purpose by the Department of Biotechnology. The contributions made by the candidates especially during the last five years will be a major consideration in the selection of the applicant for the award. 

The awards will be given to the selected nominees at a formal function organized by the Department of Biotechnology in New Delhi on Technology Day, the 11th May every year. 

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