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Centre for Functional Genomics & Bio-informatics, TDU in collaboration with Bengaluru Genomics Centre is jointly organizing Training on Next Generation Genomic Technologies (Next Generation sequencing and Bioinformatics), June 25, 2018 — June 30, 2018 at TDU campus, Bangalore.

Training Theme

  • Recent advancements in DNA sequencing have made enormous contributions to understanding the biology of life forms. Reduced cost and increased speed of DNA sequencing have led to rapid growth of genomics. Functional significance of genomic elements (DNA, RNA, proteins, small molecules and phenotype) are still being unraveled in each organism. This workshop will provide an introduction to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, platforms, data generation, and data analysis. 


  • Training and capitalizing human resources to carry out NGS 
  • Carry out high throughput research using genomic tools to foster transdisciplinary dialogues in functional genomics 

Topics and schedule 

Next Generation Genomic Technologies

Day 1

Introduction to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Sequencing Technologies Hands on Session: Sample collection, Storage and transportation, Nucleic acids extraction and visualization 

Day 2

Hands on Session: PCR Amplification for NGS, Visualization and assessment of PCR amplicons, NGS library preparation and sequencing, Hands on Session on Bioinformatics: LINUX Command Line and NGS Data File Formats 

Day 3

Hands on Session on Bioinformatics: Whole genome sequencing (Assembly and Annotation) 

Day 4

Hands on Session on Bioinformatics: Transcriptome sequencing (Assembly and Annotation) 

Day 5

Hands on Session on Bioinformatics: 16S rRNA Metagenome sequencing (Reference mapping and Phylogenetic analysis, Population diversity analysis) 

Day 6

Hands on Session on Bioinformatics: SRA Submission, Genome browser and Database 

The overwhelming response for registration from participants to our previous symposium and NGS workshops made us to extended this program. Participants will have an opportunity to spend six days on this training and get acquainted with the knowledge of genomics and gets hands-on experience in bioinformatics data analyses. I request IndiaBoscience to circulate this information in the portal.

Please do find we have attached brochure below and we are looking forward to your support. 

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Thanks and regards

Dr. Malali Gowda, Professor & Group Head 

Program Coordinators

  • Dr. Mohan Kumar, Assistant Professor TDU. 
  • Mr. Vinay C, BGC.

Centre for Functional Genomics & Bio-informatics, 

The Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU) Bengaluru – 64

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