The 2nd RCB Bioimaging School

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Imaging and microscopy tools have greatly facilitated research towards the understanding of human health and disease. Tremendous advancement in imaging technologies has led to scientists being able to observe biological structures and processes in unprecedented detail. Knowledge gained from the application of these instruments and methodologies has illuminated novel facets of the functioning of biological systems in the continuous quest for scientific discovery. Modern imaging systems also represent a true multi-disciplinary effort in discovery and innovation, with physicists, engineers, chemists, biologists and clinicians combining efforts to address pressing problems in biomedicine.

The RCB Bioimaging School will highlight popular imaging technologies that have been extensively used in biology and biomedicine. The approaches showcased would include fluorescence, confocal and super resolution fluorescence imaging, laser capture microdissection microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Academic scientists and applications’ experts from India and abroad will impart theoretical knowledge and practical training to showcase the power and versatility of these imaging methods, which have enabled path-breaking discoveries in basic biology and continue to revolutionize advances in biotechnology and medicine. The workshop is designed for PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers at similar stages of their career who intend to use imaging as a major tool in their imminent research.

Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB) is an Institution of National Importance established by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, with regional and global partnerships synergizing with the programmes of UNESCO as a category II Centre. The primary focus of RCB is to provide world class education, training and conduct innovative research at the interface of multiple disciplines in biotechnology. A major aim of the institution is to create high quality human resource in biotechnology in a globally competitive research milieu. RCB is an integral founding component of the NCR Biotech Science Cluster, a large academic research campus located in the National Capital Region of India adjacent to New Delhi. For more information, please visit www​.rcb​.res​.in


  • Dr. Sivaram Mylavarapu
  • Dr. Sam Mathew
  • Dr. Divya Chandran
  • Dr. Manjula Kalia
  • Mr. Suraj Tewari
  • Mr. Ashish Pandey
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