Regional Training Programme on Developing Effective Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

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Regional Training Programme on Developing Effective Science, Technology and Innovation Policy being jointly organised by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Regional Centre for Biotechnology

The Need

Scientific discovery and the ensuing technological applications have been the major drivers in human development from fire and basic tools to lasers and smartphones. No policy pushed a scientist to study soil properties leading to the invention of the plough. Scientists will always investigate and engineers and entrepreneurs will develop applications.

Nonetheless, there is a demand for approaches to direct science towards research that directly addresses society’s challenges. Developing such incentives is ‘policy-making’. In view of this societal need, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are addressed as one field.

The Training Objective

To build capacity of South-Asian planners and policy-makers in formulating, analyzing and communicating effective science, technology and innovation policy.

The Organisers

The United Nations Organisation for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) was established in 1945 to strengthen the foundations for global peace through knowledge development and equal access to knowledge. Science policy and capacity building is one of its main science programmes.

Coordinators of the Training Programme

  • Dr. Deepika Bhaskar, Registrar, Regional Centre for Biotechnology
  • Mr. Guy Broucke, Natural Science Officer, UNESCO, New Delhi

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    Listed on 12 Feb 2019.

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