ISEB: Indo-Swiss meeting on Evolutionary Biology

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Evolution is the underlying framework that unites the various sub-disciplines of biology across all scales, from molecules to ecosystems. Importantly, Evolutionary Biology in the 21st Century informs in critical ways issues of central societal relevance, such as those concerning human health or the current biodiversity crisis. These problems affect the whole of humanity, and therefore, there is a growing recognition that the effort to tackle them also needs to unite scientists and experts from all over the world.

Switzerland has become a major force in research in evolutionary biology over the last two decades and has attracted some of the most well-known names from all over the world. The Indian research community is evolutionary biology is much smaller, but also vibrant, and has been making steady contributions to the field. Therefore, a coming together of experts from these two countries, is not only expected to benefit the respective communities, but will also give a boost to the field in general.

With this purpose in mind, evolutionary biologists of the two countries formed an informal group to promote the organization of joint conferences between scientists from the two countries. In 2018, six Indian evolutionary biologists visited University of Zurich to take part in the first Indo-Swiss collaboration primer in evolution and ecology. The aim was to promote both exchange of scientific ideas, as well as promote collaborations among the two groups of scientists. ISEB2: Indo-Swiss Meeting on Evolutionary Biology” is the Indian counter-part to the previous meeting.

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