International Congress of Cell Biology 2018

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The 13th IFCB congress and the 8th APOCB Meeting will be jointly held in Hyderabad, India, by the Indian society of Cell Biology along with its 41st annual meeting. This meeting also commemorates the 30th anniversary of Asian-Pacific organization for Cell Biology.

This will be the first-ever joint meeting of these two International cell biology organizations (IFCB and APOCB), and will see cell biologists from across the world coming together to showcase and discuss their work.

This meeting will bring together scientists from diverse disciplines working in various parts of the world having the common goal of understanding properties of cells and how they function. We aim to create a platform for cell biologists, to have the opportunity of listening to latest discoveries in the field and, sharing results and ideas. It is hoped that this meeting will bridge people to initiate new collaborations.

Sessions on cell biology education, what a career in cell biology means, scientific writing and ethics are also planned. Latest tools available to cell biologists will also be discussed and showcased. Corporate sector that helps cell biology research by manufacturing/​distributing equipment & resources, will play an active part in showcasing their latest products. Highlights are mini symposia, and a special session to commemorate discovery of GPI anchors. It is also proposed to host pre and post-conference satellite meetings in other cities of India.

The Conference will include a full range of academic sessions, plenary lectures, and social/​cultural events. We plan to have talks by 50 – 60 invited speakers. Other researchers will get an opportunity to showcase their work through platform/​poster presentations. The meeting specially encourages participation from young researchers. Scientists trained in physical or chemical sciences, but have an interest in understanding the biological cell, are encouraged to participate.

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