IndiaBiostreams: Digital education in the new normal’

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One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the change it has brought to our education system – from minimal inclusion of digital tools in the teaching-learning process to abruptly going completely online to blended learning. In today’s new normal’ times, the prime focus is not so much on the literacy of digital tools, which was the main aim at the onset of this transformation, but on how to carefully incorporate these tools in the teaching-learning process to be able to inculcate higher-order thinking skills in learners. 

This webinar, organised by IndiaBioscience, will trace the digital transformation of educators during the course of the pandemic, the challenges faced, and how some of them were overcome. It will also explore ways in which digital tools can be included in inquiry-based learning. Through this webinar, we hope to inform educators on the importance of digital tools and how to incorporate them in lesson plans for effective learning. 

The webinar is mainly for educators in higher education institutions. School teachers may also find it useful.

Date: 21 Oct, 2021

Time: 3:00 — 4:30 p.m. IST

Register here: https://​bit​.ly/​d​i​g​i​-​e​d​u​-​n​e​w​n​ormal

About the Speaker

Charu Dogra Rawat is an Associate Professor at Ramjas College, University of Delhi. She has received digital literacy training at Edinburgh College, Scotland under D‑LITE (Digital Literacy and Innovation for Tomorrow’s Education) project of UKIERI (UK and India Education Research Initiative). She works diligently for the improvement of undergraduate education by exploring, applying and propagating various pedagogical approaches and has been a resource person in several workshops on research-based pedagogical tools conducted, across different regions of India organized by CoESME, IISER, Pune. She has delivered over 50 live lectures for Consortium for Education Communication (CEC), an Inter University Centre of University Grants Commission on Electronic Media. 

Rawat has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology and postdoctoral experience in muscle physiology from California, USA. Her research interests include science communication and pedagogy, comparative genomics, environmental metagenomics and microbiomes. She has publications in internationally acclaimed journals and presented papers in national and international conferences. She is also the recipient of prestigious Universitas21 faculty training fellowship for doing MS in Bioinformatics from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 

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