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We have planned a series of 7‑Days workshops with practical hands-on training on the basic cell culture techniques; media preparation; genomic DNA isolation, estimation and agarose gel electrophoresis; RNA extraction, cDNA preparation, PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis; protein extraction, estimation, SDS-PAGE and coomassie staining of proteins; freezing and thawing of cells; and MTT Assay for proliferation/​cytotoxicity. This is a basic workshop intended for beginners to teach and train them in animal cell culture and molecular techniques using the human/​cancer cell lines for various experiments. It will be supported by some theoretical classes on basic cell culture techniques, media preparation, gene/​protein expression & interaction networks in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and cancer cells.

Organised by: International Center for Stem Cells, Cancer and Biotechnology (ICSCCB), Pune, India 

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