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Crafting your Career | Career Talks from Mumbai

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This is a compilation of talks at IIT-Bombay (April 28th, 2019) by various accomplished science professionals, primarily from the life sciences. The experts have shared their stories of crafting their careers in science. Their talks have been put together here as a PDF compilation.

20190428 CYC Workshop Career Talks
20190428 CYC Workshop Career Talks 

Table of Content

  1. Savita Ayyar, Jaquaranda Tree [PDF]
  2. Vishaka Mangale, OmiX Research and Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd [PDF]
  3. Debjani Paul, IIT-Bombay [PDF]
  4. Lipika Sahoo, LifeIntellect [PDF]
  5. Subhojit Sen, CEBS UM-DAE [PDF]
  6. Swagatha Chakraborty, Educational Trust Initiative [PDF]
  7. Cheryl Travasso, Edelman India [PDF]