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 Hyderabad, Telangana


Applications are invited for the post of Research Position ‑Instrumentation and Microscopy at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Hyderabad.

The lab of Dr Adish Dani at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Hyderabad, invites applications for research projects involving high-resolution microscopy, instrumentation as well as computational image analysis to address questions in neurobiology and cell biology.
Single molecule localization microscopy is a powerful technique that allows us to precisely locate individual molecules within cells, providing unprecedented insight into their function, organization, and behavior. You will have the opportunity to integrate lasers, optics, and microscopy instrumentation, as well as develop computational methods for instrument control and image analysis. You will gain experience via collaborating with experimentalists to design, conduct experiments, and learn about the latest advances in biophysics and bioengineering that lead to a better understanding of normal function as well as brain disorders. 

Primary responsibilities include assisting in the setup of optical microscopy rigs, writing and modifying programs in Python, Matlab, and LabView to control the operation of various instruments via the computer interface on custom-built microscopy rigs; participation in imaging experiments, image acquisition and data analysis. Familiarity with software and coding for instrumentation is essential and basic analog/​digital circuit design, signal processing and strong quantitative skills are desired. Projects also involve incorporating computational machine learning (ML) tools for automated analysis of images and feature extraction. Candidates that have a research background in engineering, computer science, or physics, as well as candidates from a biology background with significant skills in instrumentation or programming are encouraged to apply. The lab as well as the research environment at TIFR Hyderabad are highly inter-disciplinary, offering a variety of learning opportunities.


1 to 3 years based on performance.


As per position and institutional norms


Bachelors or Master’s Degree in any branch of science and engineering, with proficiency in Matlab, and Python programming for scientific instrumentation and data analysis. 


  • Experience with optics or microscopy is desirable along with experience working on a research project. 
  • Research Fellow (JRF/SRF) appointments require qualification of any one national level exam such as GATE/CSIR/NET amongst others. 
  • Post-doctoral appointments require the submission of a Ph.D. thesis and conceptualization of a potential research project.

To Apply

Please send via e‑mail, a write-up summarizing your past training, research experience and how this position helps in your career development, as well as your CV with contact details for 2 – 3 referees to adlab@​tifrh.​res.​in or adishd@​tifrh.​res.​in

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