Raiganj University

 West Bengal, India

Raiganj University, one of the foremost universities in West Bengal, is a premier educational institution that strives to fulfil the higher educational needs of the people of North Bengal. established on 3rd February 2015, it carries the legacy of 70 years of Raiganj College (University College) founded in 1948. The University is located in Uttar Dinajpur, one of the backward districts of West Bengal with a rural economic base and reaches out to the marginalized communities with over 70% inhabitants dependant on agriculture and allied activities. It conducts a wide range of programmes at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M.Phil and Doctoral levels through its 22 University Departments and 11 Centres imparts education in the conventional disciplines of science, applied science, social science and humanities and in the professional disciplines of Management, Education and Legal studies.

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