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National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) — Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), is a premier research institute engaged in research in life sciences across scale. Several research facilities and associated infrastructure helps in providing cutting edge technology to support this research. In view of the significant expansion of the Ecology and Evolution programs over the last decade, NCBS has developed the Collections Facility. The aim of this facility is to carry out museum-based research in various fields. This research primarily depends on fieldwork carried out in various biogeographic zones across India coupled with specimens and other related genetic material collected in the field and stored in a centralized facility at NCBS.

The goal of this facility is to be a repository of specimens for long-term archival. NCBS seeks to appoint an in-charge for the Collections facility, who would be engaged in the following activities:

1. Research and outreach: The activities include:

  • Curation of specimens, their upkeep and acquiring new specimens for the collections
  • Lead and participate in collections expeditions in view of expanding existing collections
  • Lead the process of recognition of Research collections as a National repository’.
  • Organize taxonomy training workshops for students and faculty on various taxa
  • Support NCBS outreach efforts with visiting students from schools/​collages/​universities and public.
  • Work to build research partnerships and MoU with institutions to use NCBS Research Collections.

2. Consultancy: This includes

  • Scientific advice and assistance to various researchers engaged in ecology and evolution studies in NCBS and its close collaborators.
    This is a professional and technical position responsible for the curation (i.e., maintenance, operations, and growth) of NCBS research collection. Curatorial duties may include specimen collection and preservation, formal accession of specimens into the collection, taxonomic identification, maintenance of data files, specimen loan responsibilities, and participating in the preparation and submission of proposals for external funding. The In-charge is expected to participate in scientific research, as approved by their supervisor/​FAC, including project design and development of methodology, collection of data, analysis and interpretation of results, and dissemination of findings. Expected to provide expertise in area of their scientific specialty to institution, other State agencies, and the public.

Outreach and education activities may include presentation of public informational lectures on science related topics, organization of and participation in technical workshops or public programs, providing tours, and/​or the publication of popular articles or other public-directed media pieces. Also may be responsible for supervising students, interns, and volunteers.


The appointment will be a fixed-term position initially for one (1) year and renewable annually subject to the outcome of a performance assessment.


Salary will commensurate with experience and qualification.


PhD in Life Science in the field of ecology, systematics and evolution.


2 – 3 Years’ experience in taxonomy and field research.

To Apply

  • Interested candidates should register ONLINE through the link on our website using a valid email ID.
  • You will receive a user ID and password on your registered email ID.
  • Using your ID and password you can fill in the application by clicking on Submit Application”
  • Once you fill in the application you can SAVE or PREVIEW the application. Please Note: Any corrections should be made before you SAVE the application.
  • After you SAVE, you can submit the application by clicking SUBMIT”.
  • All essential certificate is proof of your qualification, date of birth, experience, etc. Should be uploaded while submitting the Online application

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