Project Assistant

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Applications are invited for the post of Project Assistant position at Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bangalore


Remuneration will be based on qualifications and experience.


A Bachelor’s degree in any subject, with knowledge of advanced Excel, relational databases, programming using R/ Python, structured query language (SQL) and basic concepts of HTML/ XML. 


The successful candidate will be conversant with programming and web scraping using Python/​R, statistical analysis using R, database server management using SQLite, and contemporary frameworks.

To Apply

This position offers a unique opportunity to participate in the area of policy research related to the data held in Clinical Trials Registry-India ( http://​ctri​.nic​.in/​C​l​i​n​i​c​altri… ) and other WHO-approved public clinical trial registries. The project involves data analytics of clinical trial registry records.

Last date for application: 8 March 2024, or until the position is filled.

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