Scientist Level Fellowships

 Hyderabad, Telangana


CDFD intends to sponsor few candidates having excellent track record for DBT-Ramalingaswamy, DST-Ramanujan and India Alliance Intermediate Fellowship applications. The applicants should have research expertise in the following areas. 

I) Structural Biology/​Systems biology/​Synthetic Biology, 

ii) Human Genetics/​Human Genomics, 

iii) Computational Biology/​big data analysis. 

Only selected outstanding candidates will be sponsored for these fellowships.

Institute will be providing start-up support and shared laboratory space. The selected fellow will be allowed to take PhD students jointly with a regular Institute Faculty. Candidates are expected to bring additional extra-mural funding within two years of joining.

Depending on their performance, fellows will be considered for regular Faculty positions as and when the vacancy arises. The positions will be determined based on the post-PhD research experience. However, the fellow will be treated on par with other applicants when evaluating for regular and independent Faculty position at CDFD. For more information click here.

To Apply

The interested and eligible candidates may send their application to director@​cdfd.​org.​in.

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