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AAARNA Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd.


Roles and Responsibilities

AAARNA Therapeutics is an mRNA therapeutics company developing several antiviral therapeutics using mRNA and CRISPR-Cas systems, vaccines, etc. We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled individual to work and lead some of these programs in a multi-dynamic, fast-paced start-up environment. Ability to design and execute experiments and other tasks with minimal supervision. Offer solutions and develop troubleshooting strategies for scientific problems. Independently apply basic scientific principles and perform literature searches. 

The ability to work in a team and good management qualities, and quickly adapt to multiple roles at times are desired. Effective communication, both oral and written, is highly desired. Prepare protocols and technical and non-technical reports. Perform and maintain proper records of experiments in accordance with SOPs and policies with a high level of integrity and ethics.

What you will do:

  • General bacteriology
  • Proficient in mammalian cell culture (Must)
  • Virus culture and propagation, Plaque assay
  • Plasmid DNA, genomic DNA, RNA and protein extraction, Molecular biology techniques: PCR, RT-PCR, gel electrophoresis (agarose and PAGE), Cloning, and transformation
  • Western blot, ELISA, Protein expression (in mammalian and bacterial system), and purification
  • Nucleic acid-based drug-delivery
  • MS-Excel and statistical software (GraphPad, SPSS, Sigma Plot), Electronic lab notebook software, digital design experience preferred e.g. Canva or tools
  • Broad technical expertise in biochemical and molecular biology techniques
  • Demonstrated experience in the design, execution, analysis, and interpretation of in vitro and mammalian cell-based assays to assess gene editing events
  • Track record of scientific innovation and thinking outside-of-the-box
  • Can communicate complex scientific issues in a logical and coherent manner




Indian citizen with Ph.D. in Microbiology, Virology, Biotechnology, or related Life science subject from UGC/AICTE-recognized University/​Institution.


Interdisciplinary field experience is desirable.

Post-Ph.D. Research experience: 0 – 2 years.

To Apply

Please send a detailed CV to info@​aaarna.​com with the subject line ARTX-FEB-S1.

A detailed CV should include information such as academic grades/​percentage starting from 10th standard onwards with the details of the year of passing, University, discipline, marks, GATE/NET score with year, publications (scientific and non-scientific), technical skills, phone number, and email ID.

The CV can be accompanied by a 1 – 2 page cover letter that includes the candidate’s experience and future career plan. 

Shortlisted candidates will be called for a virtual or in-person interview.

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