Junior Scientist

 Hyderabad, Telangana


Multiple projects in Computational Biology and AI modeling


As a scientist at Aganitha, you will bring to bear all your knowledge and expertise in biology to help discover medicines that will impact lives. They accelerate innovation in BioPharma R&D by bringing together the power of:

  1. Latest advances in computational biology and chemistry
  2. Power of AI/ML in generalising over the results of high throughput scientific experimentation
  3. An engagement model that recognises the challenges of R&D teams in a hyper-convergent world

Applying candidates must possess a strong background in Biology and Genomics. They should also possess basic computational and communication skills required to work in multi-disciplinary teams. Ideal candidates will demonstrate the ability meet the following job requirements:

  1. Understand and analyze disease studies, especially the ones associated with genomic disorders
  2. Understand and model biotech processes such as the ones used in production of gene and cell therapies
  3. Explore, profile, and visualize bioinformatics datasets
  4. Understand and implement genomic data pipelines
  5. Define appropriate data models and identify relevant features for AI/ML model development
  6. Conduct qualitative analysis of model performance by defining the right data points for testing
  7. Develop narratives of data-driven analysis in Omics
  8. Effectively articulate and communicate domain knowledge to a cross functional team. Participate in requirements gathering, design discussions, demos.
  9. Learn and stay up-to-date on emerging technologies in the field. Research opportunities for application of AI in the development of emerging therapeutic techniques


Full-time employment, preceded by 6 months paid internship for candidates without prior relevant experience


Competitive. Varies based on prior academic and professional experience levels


Experience in Computational Omics

To Apply

Apply online, followed by online quiz, and interviews

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