The YIM Community

The annual Young Investigators’ Meeting (YIM) is a platform that brings together exceptional young and senior scientists, heads of institutes, and representatives from funding agencies in the life science domain in India. It has been the vision of IndiaBioscience to grow and nurture this into a community beyond the confines of the YIMs.

Being a part of the YIM goes beyond attendance at the meeting. IndiaBioscience strives to build a community of YIM alumni in order to foster professional growth, build mentorship networks, and develop leadership in Indian academia in the long run. It does so by a variety of avenues, such as providing 

  • a platform for further networking and discussion of science via meetings such as the Regional YIMs
  • opportunities to hone one’s skills for career development, e.g. via participation at the EMBO | IndiaBioscience Online Seminars
  • avenues to develop leadership skills, e.g. by organizing a YIM
  • a chance to give back to the community through outreach efforts supported by the IndiaBioscience Outreach Grants

In a nutshell, IndiaBioscience sets out to forge a long-standing bond with the YIM alumni, to promote the development of their career, and aid the flourishing of their research groups. Through this sustained ripple effect, it hopes to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the research ecosystem in the life sciences in India.