Workshop Details

Communicating Science to the Public and Crafting Your Career (CYC) workshop

Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 

Part 1: Communicating Science to the Public

12.00 PM — 2.00 PM (IST)

Part 2: Crafting Your Career

03.00 PM — 5.15 PM (IST)

Workshop Program:

Part 1 — Communicating Science to the Public (12:00 PM — 02:00 PM):

Through this workshop, we hope to provide an overarching introduction to science communication.

The topics the will be covered by the IBS team are:

a. Introduction to Science Communication
b. Overview of the types of science communication
c. Examples of good and bad science communication
d. Identifying good stories
e. Building a narrative

+ Excercise
+ Guest talk by Somdatta Karak, Science Communication and Public Outreach Officer at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

Part 2 — Crafting Your Career (03:00 PM — 05.15 PM):

Through the Crafting your Career” workshops and webinar series, IndiaBioscience has tried to increase awareness of career options available to science students in India, as well as to provide requisite tools, knowledge, and information for navigating a career path in science. They are targeted at students (Masters and PhDs) and postdocs who are at the cusp of moulding their careers in science. IndiaBioscience has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on this initiative. 

The topics the will be covered by the IBS team are:

a. Choosing a career path
b. Building skills for career path
c. Navigating the job application process
d. The science and art of networking

+ Excercises

Note: Attendees must be present and participate in the entire workshop.