Instructions for Participants

Please make sure to read through this section BEFORE attending the workshop.

Workshop participants are requested to:

  • Keep a notebook and pen handy during the session
  • (Preferable) Attend the workshop from a laptop/​PC not mobile phone.
  • Ensure that they are attending the workshop from a quiet location conducive to learning and participating in the workshop
  • Participate and ask questions during the workshop- the more you ask the more you will learn!
  • [IMPORTANT] Attend the entire workshop! The workshop has carefully been planned to cover multiple aspects of navigating a career in science. Together these provide an overarching picture and cannot be attended in isolation.

Part 1: This portion of the workshops introduced you to the foundation topics and acts as a warmup session- getting you to think of important themes. It will also contain quiz/​zes.

Part 2: This is an intensive skill development chunk where training will be provided on key aspects of navigating a career in science. It will also contain an important in-session group assignment to practice the training.

Part 3: Here you will learn about work ethics and professionalism and get to hear from and interact with a guest speaker (a successful science professional)

  • Follow the IBS Code of Conduct