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EMBO offers Courses & Workshops with the aim to foster scientific knowledge and to provide training on novel techniques. These are opportunities for scientists to network and collaborate. 

About the Webinar

The webinar includes a series of talks in which speakers will introduce the EMBO Courses & Workshops, and will discuss the selection criteria for being EMBO Courses & Workshops organisers. Additionally, two Indian researchers will share their experiences of preparing competitive applications and advantages of being EMBO Courses & Workshops organisers. The talks will be followed by an interactive Q/A session. 


The webinar is open to all. For registration : https://​bit​.ly/​E​M​B​O​c​a​ndWeb


In alphabetical order

  • 2:30-2:35 PM IST

    Welcome and Introduction

    Rohini Karandikar

  • 2:35-2:50 PM IST

    Introduction to EMBO Courses & Workshops

    Gerlind Wallon

  • 2:50 PM- 3:05 PM IST

    Selection criteria for EMBO Courses & Workshops organisers

    Zoi Lygerou

  • 3:05 PM-3:20 PM IST

    Presentation on being an EMBO workshop and satellite meeting organiser

    Kishore Panigrahi

  • 3:20-3:35 PM IST

    Presentation on being an EMBO lecture course organiser

    Ajay Pillai

  • 3:35 PM- 3:55 PM IST


    All speakers

  • 3:55 PM

    Closing remarks

    Rohini Karandikar


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