Frequently Asked Questions

A. Eligibility

1. Who is a Young Investigator in India?

Young Investigators are individuals who are currently leading an independent research and are employed at or affiliated to a government, educational, or a not-for-profit research institute in India. They should have started their independent career within 8 years.

2. I am an independent science communicator or a student. Am I eligible to apply?

Independent science communicators or students (doctoral, masters) are not eligible to apply as lead applicants. They can partner with a young investigator and apply as co-applicants.

3. I am not working in India, am I eligible?


    4. I am not working full-time/am on an annual contract. Am I eligible?


      5. I am on a faculty fellowship (non-permanent faculty position), am I eligible?

        Yes, Ramanujan, Ramalingaswami and DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellows are eligible to apply.

        6. Is there an age limit?


          B. Application Process

          1. I am a main applicant, can I submit more than one application?


          2. I am a co-applicant, can I be listed on more than one application?


          3. Is there a maximum number of people who can be included in the application?

          Two; Applicant and Co-applicant (rest can be part of the project for specific tasks)

          4. I submitted an application last year but was not successful, can I apply again this year?

          If your application package has changed, you are welcome to try again this year. Resubmitting the same application package will not yield different results.

          5. I was previously awarded the First-time (IOG) Grant, can I apply again?

          If the project is different to that which was previously funded, you are welcome to apply again. If you are applying using a project that was previously funded, you can apply for the Extension Grant only once. However, teams should apply for an Extension Grant immediately after completion of the First-Time IOG. 

          6. I was previously awarded the Extension (IOG) Grant, can I apply for this again?


          7. I was not awarded the First-Time (IOG) Grant, can I apply for an Extension Grant?


          C. Funds

          1. Can I ask for funds to be transferred to a not-for-profit organisation?


          2. I plan to change institutions in the middle of the grant term and have grant money be sent to two institutions?


          3. What can I use this fund to pay for?

          The grant money can only be used for generating resources towards fulfilling the objectives of outreach laid out in the proposal. Freelancer payments can be covered. The grant money cannot be used for consumables or equipment purchases. 

          4. Can this fund be used to set up a crowdfunding platform, prototypes for products for which I will later charge?


          5. Can this fund be used for travel?

          Yes, money can be used for travel in accordance with the Government of India rules (compulsorily Air India). In case the direct flight is not available or timings are not very suitable, you may book private airlines. No international travel will be supported. 

          6. Can this money be used for conducting events? 

          Yes, however all the events, workshops and conferences conducted are subject to a IndiaBioscience’s Code of Conduct.

          D. Resource material/​activities conducted

          1. Do I have to include the IndiaBioscience logo on all materials generated in this grant?


            2. Will IndiaBioscience host the material created on events conducted on their site? 

            This will be determined by IndiaBioscience on a case-by-case basis. If deemed to be appropriate for our website, we would be happy to host the resource generated under the aegis of this grant on the IndiaBioscience website. Any content generated will fall under the Creative Commons License​“Attribution – NonCommercial – NonDerivative” in order to allow non-commercial entities to use the content freely and easily. (Please refer to the terms page on IndiaBioscience website).

            3. Will IndiaBioscience decide who can attend and physical/​virtual events that I conduct?


            4. Can I charge a fee for people to attend activities I conduct or to receive resource materials that I create under this grant?