Terms & Conditions

  1. Money disbursement: 70% of the money will be disbursed at the time of the award of the grant to the institutional bank account provided. Remaining 30% will have to be provided by the applicant. This amount will be reimbursed at the end of the grant duration upon the satisfactory completion of the project and receipt of a duly completed utilization certificate attested by the head of the accounts office of the institution. Note: IndiaBioscience will not stake any claims on capital item(s) purchased using the grant money.
  2. Submission of the midterm progress report that indicates completion of 50% of work is to be submitted at the midpoint of the project duration (to be calculated from the award date).
  3. IBS should be acknowledged and IBS logo should be used at all required places.
  4. Outreach should be carried out in India or primarily for an Indian audience if digital.