Starting out: Going from Research Project to Research Program

YI Huddle Episode 1

YI Huddle is structured to take a YI on a journey that starts with initiating a research program, understanding grants and financials, research documentation, and academic publishing, and gradually moves to topics beyond the standard academic structure such as industry partnerships, clinical collaborations, and leveraging incubation parks, and finally, expand the YIs view of doing science in India via discussions on science policy and citizen science.

The series is conducted by YIs (as interlocutors) in conversation with relevant scientists, faculty, entrepreneurs, public engagement professionals, policy scientists, and science leaders in a conversational style.

This is the 1st webinar of the series. 

Date & Time - 26 May 2023 from 16:00 to 17:00 IST online. 

Guests and Interlocutor

Anindita Bhadra (IISER Kolkata) 

Durba Sengupta (CSIR-NCL, Pune)

Rohan Khadilkar (ACTREC, Mumbai)