IndiaBiostreams: What is IndiaBioscience?

Introduction to IndiaBioscience

Prof. Satyajit Mayor joins the IndiaBioscience team to talk to the life science community about who we are, what we do and what is in it for the community at large.

IndiaBioscience launches its webinar platform — IndiaBiostreams, beginning with an overview of who we are, what we do. We were joined by Prof. Satyajit Mayor and the IndiaBioscience team. Do listen to the recorded version of this webinar.

0:00 Introductions
1:20 How and why was IndiaBioscience started? [Satyajit Mayor]
8:43 Launching IndiaBiostreams [Satyajit Mayor]
9:52 Support for IndiaBioscience
10:41 IndiaBioscience team [Satyajit Mayor]
12:53 Audience poll (getting to know the audience)
14:38 IndiaBioscience for researchers and science professionals (national and regional young investigators meetings and the database of life scientists) [Smita Jain]
22:34 Audience poll (YIMs and the life scientists’ Database)
24:04 IndiaBioscience for researchers and science professionals (articles on our website, publications, resources and classifieds) [Shreya Ghosh]
27:59 IndiaBioscience for students (crafting your career workshops, IndiaBiospeaks, PhD café) [Shreya Ghosh]
31:55 Audience poll (careers and PhD café)
33:18 IndiaBioscience for educators (database of educators, articles and resources for educators, discussion forum) [Smita Jain]
36:52 Audience poll (Educators)
38:56 How can you be a part of our community? (various ways of engaging with us) [Manjula Harikrishna]
41:57 Audience poll (engage with us)
43:50 Announcement
44:45 Q & A