IndiaBiostreams: EMBO Fellowships

International Grants Awareness Program (iGAP)

This webinar is part of the webinar series on International Research, Training and Mobility Grants Awareness. This session is focused on EMBO funding schemes open to Indian life science researchers.

Content Annotations

00:05 Welcome & Introduction to Speakers

01:04 Audience Poll #1 (Barriers to applying)

03:28 Video Message from Shahid Jameel on The need for spreading awareness on international grants’

08:34 Introduction- International Research, Training and Mobility Grants Awareness Sessions’ by Shantala Hari Dass

13:03 Overview of the webinar

13:51EMBO’s relationship with India’ By Bettina Trueb, Global Activities, EMBO

18:10EMBO schemes’ by Gerlind Wallon, Deputy Director, EMBO

25:26 Hear From an EMBO Fellow (video clip)

29:14Detailed discussion of EMBO Fellowships’ by Dr David del Alamo Rodriguez, Head Fellowship Programme, EMBO

49:00 Audience Poll #2 (Moving forward)

49:55 Q&A session

50:11 Q1. How can I get access to future resources and rewatch this webinar?

51:03 Q2. How do you judge an applicant’s scientific achievements? Is it required for the publication to be a first author publication?

53:02 Q3. Regarding educational qualifications, can I apply if I have not yet defended my thesis? What about if I am a medical student?

55:23 Q4. I have career break for family reasons, does EMBO take this into consideration to relax the two-year post PhD timeframe?

58:00 Q5. Do you need to have a molecular biology background to be eligible?

59:00 Q6. How much of an impact does a high impact publication have on the selection?

1:02:49 Q7. What is the date you consider as the date of the PhD award?

1:03:40 End of Q&A session

1:04:30 Goodbye