IndiaBiostreams: Professional Networking and the Entrepreneurial Journey (From Ideation to Implementation)

Crafting your Career Online Series

In our third session, we talked about the science and art of professional networking, including strategies for building, maintaining, and expanding your networks. We were also joined by Nusrat J M Sanghamitra, Founder & CEO, CyCa OncoSolutions, and Nelson Vadassery, Cofounder and Director of Engineering, Sea6 Energy, who will both discuss their individual entrepreneurial journeys.

⌛ Content Annotation with Timestamps
2:11 Introduction
4:17 Disclaimer
5:07 IndiaBioscience Team
5:51 Audience Poll # 1: Getting to know you
7:43 Professional Networking
11:19 The Science of Networking
16:20 Audience Poll # 2: Diagnose your Network
19:01 The Art of Networking
22:50 Q & A
33:17 Introduction to Nusrat
34:36 Talk by Nusrat
53:09 Introduction to Nelson
54:10 Talk by Nelson
1:17:13 Q & A
1:38:38 Announcements