Vesalius Innovation Award


As you might know, surgeon Andreas Vesalius revolutionized anatomy and took typography and illustration to a completely new level in the early 16th century. He laid the foundation for an entirely new view of the human body for many generations to come. Fast forward to 2021, Health Sciences publishing is ready for a new revolution. The movement towards Open Research and the increased use of digital technologies in healthcare are fundamentally changing the way researchers, doctors, and patients create and consume knowledge.

As an innovative company, Karger Publishers has its roots in traditional science publishing, but in defining our Cycle of Knowledge we have expanded our own self-image far beyond pure publishing content.

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To Apply

Startups (hereinafter Startup”) may apply for participation in the VIA 

by registering and submitting a project (hereinafter Project”) using 

the application form on karg​er​.com/VIA.

For a successful application, the Startup shall meet the following criteria:

  • Early stage phase
  • Willingness to participate in the mentoring and on site during the final event 
  • The Project shall lay its focus on publishing and on the Cycle of Knowledge in Health Sciences. Areas of interest cover the knowledge transfer to clinical environments and patient information, as well as the entire of research and publishing processes. 
  • Submit a pdf pitch containing the following information:
    • Definition of the problem targeted
    • Solution
    • Business model and financial plan
    • How the solution works (underlying technology)
    • Marketing and sales plan
    • Competitors (if applicable) and why the proposed solution is better
    • Team
    • Future steps/​milestones/​timetable
    • Current status and summary
  • Complete the application form, including the answer of the following five free text questions with up to 600 characters each:
    • Short description of your business model
    • Describe the skills of your team members
    • Why do you fit in our award focus
    • What problem does your startup address and how do you suggest solving it
    • What impact will you make on Health Sciences Publishing

Applications can be submitted until May 23, 2021, with a possible prolongation date to June 6, 2021.

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