National Biotechnology Innovation Awards-2023

Department of Biotechnology


Product Process Development and Commercialization: Recognition of outstanding contributions of scientists /​innovators /​entrepreneurs/​researchers/​Indian institutions & companies (public as well as private) for development of new product or process and commercialization of the technology in the areas of Biotechnology.

Societal Development: Recognition of outstanding contribution of an individual or a social organization, working at grass-root level for societal development through application of biotechnological interventions in agriculture and allied areas, health care and hygiene for empowering people for lively hood generation, skill development and entrepreneurship for self-employment.

No. of Awardees: d2 (1 in each category)


Indian citizen engaged in research and development or societal development in areas of Biotechnology in the country

To Apply

Applications will be assessed by National level committee constituted by Department of Biotechnology to select the applicants for award in each category based on the following criteria:

  1. The work submitted by applicant should be novel and innovative. 
  2. The work submitted for NBIA should not have been awarded by any other agency/​agencies in the past. 
  3. In case a suitable agency/​candidate meeting the criteria is not available, the award would be deferred for that year.

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