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Max Planck-India Mobility Grants are travel grants by which cooperation between young Indian scientists and a Max Planck Institute (MPI) is to be initiated.

Scientists who are awarded these grants must spend a minimum of one month per year at a Max Planck Institute.

The hosting Max Planck Institute will receive €5.000 per year for three years out of MPG central funds and will use this to cover costs for return tickets from India to Germany, accommodation costs, per diem, local travel costs and consumables for the Mobility Grant Holder. The mobility grant is not paid out to the candidate as a personal fellowship, but is disbursed for the candidate’s purpose through the hosting Max Planck Institute.

Grant Holders should be motivated to extend invitations to their partners from MPI to their home institutes in India in order to further enhance cooperation.

The programme Max Planck-India Mobility Grant” (MPIMG) is open to all Max Planck Institutes (MPI) and to all research institutions in India.

Candidates can be nominated by a Director, a Group Leader or a Principal Investigator of a Max Planck Institute. As a first step candidates need to approach a contact person of a suitable MPI.

The aim is to offer Indian scientists to get the opportunity for an annual research stay at a Max Planck Institute with access to research facilities, training and networking opportunities as well as scientific exchange.

Target Group: Excellent Indian Junior Scientists (doctorate no longer than 4 years ago at the time of the application)

Size of programme: Up to six mobility grants per year.


Qualified, promising Indian postdocs (so-called young faculty” in India) who are already able to demonstrate a recognizable scientific profile are eligible to be nominated for the Max Planck India Mobility Grants. Nominees should have obtained their doctorate no longer than four years ago (for a doctorate in medicine: no longer than six years). A prior period as a guest at a Max Planck Institute is not a necessary precondition. Candidates for Max Planck-India Mobility Grant must be affiliated to an Indian research institution.

To Apply

Application from candidates to MPIs (Max Planck Directors, Group Leaders or a Principal Investigators); nomination sent through Max Planck Researchers to HQ. Proposals are evaluated according to the standard procedures for MPG.

The following documents are to be submitted electronically by the Indian scientists applying for the Max-Planck-India Mobility Grant in agreement and with signature of the nominating Max Planck Researcher:

  1. Cover page (see below)
  2. Letter of intent by the hosting Max Planck Researcher that he/​she is willing to host the candidate for a minimum of 1 month p.a. for three years
  3. Curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)
  4. List of publications (max. 2 pages)
  5. Short project description (max. 3 pages)
  6. Statement by the candidate that he/​she is willing to spend minimum 1 month p.a. at the MPI (max. 1 page)
  7. Letter of intent from the Director of the Indian research institute / university to which the candidate is affiliated supporting the nomination and accepting the conditions as set forth (1 page).

Please ensure to send only fully completed nominations containing all documents under points 1 – 7 above electronically.
Documents to be sent to the Max Planck Society electronically:
Addressed to:
Max Planck Society
Ms. Renate Bischof-Drewitz
Division of International Relations
Hofgartenstr. 8
D‑80539 München
E‑mail: bischof-​drewitz@​gv.​mpg.​de

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