DBT-Research Associateship


DBT has recently announced the call for applications to the DBT-Research Associateship (RA) program in Biotechnology and Life Sciences.

The applications to this scheme from the campus will need to be routed through the RDO. The applications will not be required to undergo formal pre-screening by the Academic Office. However, the RDO will need to do the required due-diligence on the applications prior to submission and will be assisting with any institutional requirements in the application.

Applicants wishing to apply to this scheme should submit their complete application to the RDO at rdo@​ncbs.​res.​in before 15th September, 2020.

More details regarding the scheme can be accessed using the link: http://​ra​.dbtin​dia​.gov​.in/​d​b​t​r​a​S​t​a​t​i​c​H​o​m​e​.html

To Apply

Interested and eligible candidates are required to complete an online application at the following web site: http://​ra​.dbtin​dia​.gov​.in/”. The last date for completing the online application for January 2022 batch is September 30, 2021. If needed, you may contact the National Program Coordinator by sending an email to dbtra.​mrdg@​iisc.​ac.​in

For more details click here.

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