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Department of Atomic Energy


DAE Science Research Council (DAE SRC) is a body consisting of eminent scientists and has been setup to guide basic research being done in the units of DAE. The DAE SRC proposes to set up Frontier Area Research Units around outstanding individuals in order to impart a fresh momentum to advanced research in the areas of science and engineering of interest to DAE. Each Unit will be initially supported for a period of five years. In cases where the performance is exceptional, the support is extendable for a further period of 5 years. The upper limit for funding would be about Rs. 1 crore per project spread over a period of 5 years. Up to 50 scientists I engineers during the X Plan period could be given awards. Up to 50% of the awardees may be from outside DAE constituent units. Younger scientists below the age of 40 years will be fairly represented. 


The core objective is to augment support to individual research workers with highly innovative ideas and with proven abilities to pursue advanced research in frontier areas of science and engineering at an accelerated pace. Depending upon the sustained interest and the proven strength of the individuals concerned, both basic and applied research will be supported. In the case of basic research, apart from meritorious publications in leading journals, it should result in an internationally competitive edge within the 5 years period. In the case of applied research, the areas should be such that they have discernible implications to new technologies. 

Wherever a new product or a novel process is identified, special funding would be made available for readily translating scientific innovation into an applicable product or process.


Individual scientists/​engineers of the DAE constituent units, as well as those outside DAE, working in public funded institutions are eligible to apply for these awards. The applicants are expected to have demonstrated a high level of competence. Research publications in leading journals or success in developing novel technologies and products would be expected of the applicants. Candidates who are not in regular employment but attached to an academic/​research institution could be considered for the DAE senior fellowship. The fellowship amount for such would be determined on a case-to-case basis. 

To Apply

Application should be sent to the Scientific Secretary, BRNS, BRNS Secretariat, First Floor, Central Complex, BARC, Mumbai 400085. There is no fixed format for the proposals. However, the applicant is expected to include the following. 

a. A two page write up describing the relevance and importance of the proposed research and what the proposer expects to achieve at the end of the 5 years period.
b. Financial requirements for a 5‑year period for equipment, consumables and research infrastructure and research staff.
c. Other items such as travel and contingency expenditure. 

The proposal should be sponsored by the Head of the Department / Director of the Institution, where the work is proposed to be carried out. The sponsoring institution should give an indication about continuing work beyond the period of the award.

Interested applicant may write to us ncpw[at]dae[dot]gov[dot]in

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