Clinical Research Training Programme

DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance


This Clinical Research Training Programme (CRTP) aims to develop Physician Scientists as a way forward for improving clinical and public health research ecosystems in India. 

The programme would fund 3‑year mentored research training fellowships for medical graduates (MBBS) and post-graduates (MD/​MS/​equivalent) to: 

  • Integrate basic and clinical/​public health research 
  • Provide instruction and training in research design, research ethics, and statistical analysis through mentored research training 
  • Provide training opportunities in diverse areas of research relevant to India’s health priorities 
  • Provide knowledge and skills to prepare trainees for careers in health research. 

The selected trainees would be part of the India Alliance Fellows network and would be eligible for other training programmes open to them. 

Though not mandatory, the programme strongly encourages international collaboration. It also encourages the trainee to receive MPhil and/​or, PhD degree or other certification at the exit point. The certification would be the responsibility of the sponsoring institution. 

The CRTP will be administered embedded within the Clinical/​Public Health Research Centres Clinical/​Public Health Research Centres (CRCs)

Institutional CRCs may apply for the programme to compete for fellowships, clearly justifying the numbers and providing a training plan. It is expected that the training of each Fellow would utilize the strength of the grouping instead of being restricted to a single institution. The institutions getting the award would select the Fellows based on the mandate and provisions of the CRTP. Applications for CRTP would not be entertained from individuals. 

To Apply

India Alliance would invite applications for the said scheme in the prescribed format, which would be made available on its website from 16 May to 17 June 2019, 2:00 PM IST. 

The CRTP being a part of the CRC would be subject to the same application and evaluation process. 

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