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Twenty selected participants will get the opportunity to take part in a fully funded, month-long residential research and engagement programme with scholars and artists from 13 June to 08 July 2022.

The programme will aim to create open-ended conversations on the applicability of the latest research and methods. It will help create opportunities for participants from diverse disciplines to further develop their unique research enquiries in their areas of interest. We will also have meaningful public engagement and use multiple mediums, from digital to physical, to express new ideas.

Participants will be exposed to interdisciplinary approaches to studying carbon through lenses of sustainability and climate change to better understand their applicability in their respective localities. In the school, the participants will engage with multiple mediums; discussions, seminars, field visits, film screenings, lab, and archive visits for a holistic approach to learning.

This programme is open to anyone between 18 – 30 years with a demonstrated interest in the topic and no specific educational qualifications are required. Additionally, the participants will take part in a mentorship programme and will have the opportunity for their projects to be featured in our forthcoming exhibition CARBON.

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