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First ever workshop dedicated to teaching Science photography


VISION: Our goal is to create and nurture a group of scientist-photographers in India who, through their images, can inspire the public to care about science. The idea is to teach scientists to be more visually literate” in order to empower them to more effectively communicate their work. In the long term, we hope to serve as a platform for effective science communication, through photographs and science-based stories, that is open and accessible to all. 

Shoot for Science is an intensive eight-day workshop, for early career Indian science practitioners including Research Fellows, Ph.D. students and Post-Doc Fellows who are studying biology and are keen to learn how to communicate science using photographs. The workshop is scheduled for February 19th to 27th of 2017 at the National Centre for Biological Sciences(NCBS), Bangalore. In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to both technical and conceptual elements of science photography.
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Anand Varma, National Geographic Photographer
Prasenjeet Yadav, National Geographic Explorer

Application deadline : 5th January 2017

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