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Swissnex India in partnership with National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) and Science et Cite brings you ScienceComm India’18, a daylong conference with experts from Switzerland and India for engaging talks and workshops on the theme scientainment’ – science + entertainment.

The idea of scientainment is to communicate science in an entertaining manner to make it engaging and enjoyable. The conference would bring in experts who would give insights on the power of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. in creating engaging scientific content. It would explore the potential of avenues such as digital storytelling, theatre, and gaming and stand up comedy for science communication.

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Learning while laughing: Transforming science and scientists through play

By Adria LeBoeuf & Samuel Lagier

The Catalyst trains scientists to be better communicators and create new entertainment for the public about science. In this session you’ll learn how complex scientific concepts can be communicated through the arts and you’ll get to do some learning while laughing as Adria and Sam introduce you to how improvisation can be used to facilitate creativity, collaboration and communication.

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