Reprogramming human somatic cells to HiPSCs Workshop

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The Accelerator program for diseases in brain using stem cells (ADBS) organizes Reprogramming human somatic cells to HiPSCs workshop” from November 6th to 11th 2017. The workshop focuses on generation and maintaining high quality HiPSCs from human somatic cells using plasmid based transient transfection methodology. The entire pipeline from reagent preparation, colony identification, characterization and expansion will be demonstrated. Participants will also learn downstream applications like embryoid bodies (EBs) preparation and neural differentiation. The course combines hands on training sessions and lecture series from experts in the field.

Workshop Curriculum- Reagent and media preparation, feeder cell preparation, stem cell colony identification, characterization, enzymatic and manual colony picking and passaging, freezing and thawing, EB preparation, neural differentiation and characterization.

The workshop will require fulltime attention, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

The workshop is for a maximum of 10 participants. Accommodation will be provided on campus. Out station candidates will be paid AC III Tier Train Fare both ways from your place of residence (as indicated in your application) to Bangalore and back by the shortest route on production of proof of onward journey.

To Apply: If you are interested please email at adbs@​ncbs.​res.​in by August 15th 2017. Each applicant should send a CV, statement of interest (of no more than 500 words) describing his or her reasons for wanting to join the workshop, one-two reference letters (from the current employer or PhD supervisor). Selected participants will be contacted via email by September 15th 2017.

There is no registration fees. Applications received after the deadline are not eligible for further assessment. For more information click here.


  1. Mahendra Rao, inStem, Bangalore

  2. Saravanan Karumbayaram, UCLA, USA

  3. Dhruv Sareen, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, CA

  4. Odity Mukherjee, inStem, Bangalore

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