Pedagogy Workshops for Teachers of Under/​Postgraduate Science Courses: Level 1 at Jaipur

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We invite accomplished and motivated science teachers of undergraduate colleges across India to be part of a program, wherein their talent, expertise and experience in science education is used to help other science teachers, particularly those entering the profession. We conduct a series of workshops to train the teachers to be effective communicators and help other teachers to improve their teaching.

Level 1 workshops: Several workshops at different locations in the country would be organised (to enable teachers from different parts of the country to attend) for three days for batches of 150 undergraduate science teachers. The concept and need for alternative methods of pedagogy will be introduced, with in-depth discussions on pedagogical tools involving research. There will be group-wise sessions on developing discipline-specific RBPTs. Experts on some or all of the following disciplines: physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and earth science will be involved, depending upon the background of the participants. The participants will be asked to present tools that they have developed in their classrooms and also be given assignments to come up with novel RBPTs in their discipline. Of these, scale- able tools that can be deployed by everyone will be identified. A network of participants will also be formed, which will enable the participants to keep in touch with their peers and share new ideas and experiences on various pedagogical methods.

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