Molecular neuroscience: From genes to circuits in health and disease

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During the past few decades neuroscience has exploded into a variety of subfields, while novel technologies and approaches have revolutionized our understanding of brain function. In particular, molecular studies have revealed an unexpected heterogeneity of both neuronal and glial cells, and provided deeper insights into mechanisms of plasticity, degeneration and regenerative possibilities.

This EMBO workshop will bring together experts in various subfields of neuroscience integrated by cell and molecular biology to discuss the latest findings in neurogenesis, homeostasis, pathogenesis and regeneration approaches in the central nervous system. Scientists from around the world, from the fields of both neuronal and glial biology, will come together to discuss molecules, cells and circuits, in development, homeostasis and pathogenesis. The topics covered are a) neurogenesis b) plasticity and homeostasis c) circuits & behavior d) cellular heterogeneity, and e) pathogenesis and regeneration.
These topics are often discussed in focused specialized meetings. This workshop therefore, aims to provide a common platform to integrate concepts and people working in these diverse subfields of neuroscience.

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