Mechatronics, Mems & Micro-fabrication

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Micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) present a unique platform where both electrical and mechanical components are fabricated on a single wafer. Some of the fastest growing areas which utilize different MEMS sensors and actua-tors are entertainment industries, consumer electronics, medical, defence, space industries, etc. The electro mechanical device basically includes micro actuators, micro sensors, micro transducers, micro-switches etc, these micro device have occupied their own positions for different applications ranging from bio medical, aero space, defense, energy and day to day life. Mechatronics MEMS and micro fabrication are interlinked areas, focusing towards the development of micro devices for the benefit of mankind. Keeping the interest of researchers, faculties, and employees from different institutions, R&D labs and companies across the country, we have designed a unique program on Mechatronics, MEMS and micro-fabrication, which cover fundamentals of design, fabrication, and packaging of a complete MEMS device.

Mechatronics is a multi disciplinary field of engineering. Mechatronics and Micro-fabrication are basic foundation for the development One of the important outcomes of the field is that it is catching up the attention of various scientists either working in the MEMS related area or not. Keeping the interest of serious researchers, faculties, and employees of different institutions, R&D labs and companies across the country, we have designed a unique program on Mechatronics, MEMS and which cover fundamentals of design, fabrication, and packaging of a complete MEMS device.

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Listed on 05 Oct 2017.

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