Long Term Research Internship / Dissertation Work Program

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Internship for graduate / post graduate students in nice areas of biology to enable them to present it as dissertation in their course work.

School of Life Sciences (SLS), University of Hyderabad (UoH), internationally recognized for its excellence in teaching and research, has initiated this program to train graduate / post graduate students in cutting edge areas of biology. SLS wishes to share its rich expertise with the students to empower them with required skill set to take up demanding responsibilities in Biotech Industry and academic establishments. The internship program will be conducted periodically by an outfit of SLS, called SLS-Skill Development Center. The SLS faculty members, known for their outstanding research contributions, will host the trainees in their research labs for a period of four to six months. The trainees will be working on a objective oriented research problem. Report prepared at the end of the program can be used as a dissertation at the enrolled institution, if pursuing a course. This enables the trainees to gain first-hand knowledge, especially working skills with sophisticated instruments frequently used in research setup and biotech industry.

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