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JNCASR Life Science Fest is a two-day event that will explore multiple career opportunities for PhDs/​Post Docs in life sciences (and other related disciplines), and will bring people from industry, academia, and government under one roof.

The event will encompass the following themes-

  • Establishing impactful research programme
  • Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences
  • Route to become a CEO 
  • Consultancy
  • Investment Banking
  • Career in Big Data, AI & Machine Learning
  • Science Journalism
  • Industrial Management (Research to Operations)
  • Confluence of Science and Art
  • Science Policy and Grant Management
  • Intellectual Property

Highlights of the Fest:

  • Talks by eminent speakers from industry, academia, and government 
  • One platform — multiple areas 
  • Video archives
  • Cultural events
  • Networking sessions
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