International Webinar on Emergent Cellular Ecosystems in Melanoma Revealed by Single Cell Analysis

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Prof. Raj is interested in building a quantitative understanding of cellular function. they are interested to develop new tools for quantifying biological processes based on imaging and sequencing and then use those techniques to help us answer questions in molecular and cellular biology.

The Raj lab studies the biology of single cells. The primary motivation for studying biological processes on a cell-by-cell basis is the fact that even genetically identical cells can behave very differently. This variability can have consequences in a variety of biological contexts. We aim to understand these differences at the molecular level. They develop and utilize a mix of experimental tools including individual RNA molecules via fluorescence microscopy, high throughput sequencing and molecular biology to make quantitative measurements of cellular behavior. They aim to foster a richly interdisciplinary research environment in which biologists, chemists, engineers, clinicians, physicists, computer scientists, and mathematicians can work together to solve exciting problems.

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