International Conference on Technology in Redefining Health (ICONTRH-2017)

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India is a country of one billion plus population. Healthy citizens contribute to the development of a nation. Indian urbanization/​migration has demonstrated the need for technological intervention in meeting the health needs of its population. Health is an integral part of scientific progress in nutritional sciences, technology and implementation of environmental policies. Health of its citizens is important for India to be a global player.

Scientists have predicted that the identification of Human Genome Project can lead the healthcare industry to an unexpected transformation. Technological processes to be invented in the near future may change the availability and advances in therapies and diagnostics leading to human health improvement. Exploiting the different and enhanced properties of nanoscale materials with biotechnological methodologies have already started revolutionizing the medical technology arena. Advances in health information technology using electronic devices enables a transformation in health research facilitating studies that were not
feasible in the past, is leading to new insights regarding health and disease. Lifestyle diseases have increased the demand for nutrition based therapies. Wellness movement is a major player in modifying
nutritional needs of general population. The increasing health awareness among people, makes them to take a proactive approach
towards their health.

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