International Conference on Molecular Basis of Diseases & Therapeutics

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International Conference on Molecular Basis of Diseases and Therapeutics, (ICMBDT) – 2019 is an International conference being organized by School of Life Sciences, Central University of Rajasthan. This is a key conference dealing mainly with various issues in the broad area of molecular medicine in the format of debates and discussions, and allowing liberal avenues for speaker-participant interactions.

ICMBDT-2019 gives key-opinion leaders from India and around the world, an opportunity to effectively debate basic research, clinical and therapeutic dilemmas and other key issues faced by researchers and clinicians in their research studies and daily practices, respectively. The major goal of this conference is to provide an innovative, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in the field of molecular medicine including the recent approaches in holistic medicine and therapies. This conference is expected to bring together the academicians, clinicians and industrial research fraternity with interest/​expertise in the field of molecular medicine. One of the major outcomes of ICMBDT-2019 will be the establishment and inauguration of an academic and research-oriented, non-profit society with the name of Indian Society for Molecular Medicine. The other objective of this conference is to provide an opportunity for young aspiring researchers to meet the experts from different scientific domains that may have a defining role in their future research perspectives. The conference is expected to be attended by 800- 1000 participants from various parts of the country as well as ~50 participants from highly reputed foreign universities and institutes.

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