International conference on Autophagy and Lysosomes: function, signaling and diseases

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Cellular homeostasis is governed not only by anabolic processes but is also dependent on effective and efficient catabolic mechanisms that turnover damaged and superfluous cytoplasmic contents. Lysosomes are sites for degradation of cellular cargo and recycling of the breakdown products for de novo macromolecule synthesis.

On the other hand, autophagy pathway has this unique Pac Man” like ability to capture damaged cytoplasmic substances and deliver it to lysosomes. Thus, autophagy makes an indispensable contribution to the lysosomal prowess of collecting, degrading and recycling cellular trash. Needless to say, every major disease has an almost direct connection to the optimal functioning of autophagy and lysosomes. These studies clearly pose a requirement for a conference to discuss these aspects.

The various subjects of the conference will be

Symposia sessions:

  1. Lysosomes: Biogenesis, function regulation, signaling and disease
  2. Autophagy: Assembly, mechanisms, dynamics, singaling and disease
  3. Cross talk/​interplay/​inter connection between autophagy and lysosomes

Poster sessions:

  1. Lysosome function and biogenesis
  2. Lysosome alterations in disease models and associated diseases
  3. Autophagy assembly mechanisms, turnover, signaling
  4. Autophagy alteration in disease models
  5. Inter connection between autophagy and lysosomes

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