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One of the most dynamic cognitive processes, memory is mediated by a complex set of gene expression programs at the molecular level and changes in network activity at the circuit level. Although various mechanisms of memory formation have been studied in great detail, key questions such as what factors drive memory storage within circuits and the mechanistic details of the processes that occur at the synapse to drive memory storage still remain elusive. Recent studies have revealed that noncoding RNAs, include long non-coding RNAs and micro RNAs, as well as spliced variants of messenger RNAs, function to regulate gene expression and translation at the synapse during memory storage. Earlier dismissed as products of spurious transcription, non-coding RNAs and their close association with RNA binding proteins have emerged as game-changers of this field.

The proposed meeting aims to bring together leading investigators and young scientists from the field. These investigators employ a wide range of techniques such as computational modeling, genome-wide sequencing, genetic manipulation and cellular imaging. They will come together to discuss fundamental aspects of RNA based regulation of memory formation and its alterations in neurodevelopmental disorders associated with memory dysfunction. This meeting will be a platform for stimulating informal yet intense discussions and also foster active collaboration that will certainly take this field into a new direction.

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